10 Best 22 inch Monitors – August 2022 – Buying Guide

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Best 22 inch Monitor - Best Monitor Review

Best 22 inch Monitor – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best 22 inch monitor is no small feat, but we’ve compiled a list to make it as easy as possible for you. 22 inch monitors continue to be selling incredibly well right now. But you may still ask, “Is 22 inches really a good size for productivity and entertainment?” Let’s find out the answer to that question, followed by product reviews.

Is 22 inches a Good Size for a Monitor?

Yes, the most popular screen size overall right now is around 22 inches. It’s a somewhat compact size that easily fits into just about every home or office computer setup. With a 22 inch display, there is still plenty of screen “real estate” to get a full view of your favorite content. Just think about it, a 22 inch monitor is considerably bigger than a laptop screen. A 22 inch display is perfect for word processing, video meetings, streaming your favorite movies & tv shows, browsing the web, reading emails, and pc gaming.

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 – Quick List

  1. Acer SB220QBest Overall
  2. HP V222vbBest HP
  3. Sceptre E225W-19203R Best Sceptre
  4. ASUS VP229HE Best ASUS
  5. VIOTEK GFV22CB Best Viotek
  6. Samsung FT452Best Samsung
  7. LG 22MK430H-BBest LG
  8. ViewSonic VA2256 Best ViewSonic
  9. Dell E2220HBest Dell
  10. KOORUI B09FP4H99PBest Koorui

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 – Reviews

1. Acer SB220Q – Best Overall

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best Overall)

The Acer SB220Q is a highly sought after 22 inch monitor right now, and when you consider what it has to offer it’s easy to see why. It gives you pretty much everything you could want including: a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, thin bezels, modern design, IPS display, and a price tag that is almost too good to be true.

2. HP V222vb – Best HP

Best 22 inch Monitor
Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best HP)

HP is no stranger when it comes to quality computer products, and the HP V222vb is a perfect example. It combines everything that has made HP successful for decades, which is: competitive pricing, multiple desirable features, and high quality design and build.

3. Sceptre E225W-19203R – Best Sceptre

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best Sceptre)

Sceptre might not be quite the household name as HP, but the Sceptre E225W-19203R does an incredible job of competing with our best overall pick. It has a modern design, 75hz refresh rate, and small bezels, and ultra-affordability.

4. ASUS VP229HE – Best ASUS

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best ASUS)

The ASUS VP229HE is a very good multi-purpose monitor with some unique and useful features. The display itself utilizes a frameless IPS panel that delivers clear images and wide-angle viewing. It’s a solid performer for games and streaming content thanks to the 75Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync / FreeSync technology. One of the main features is the built-in eye care tech which includes certified flicker-free and low blue light technology.

5. VIOTEK GFV22CB – Best Viotek

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best Viotek)

When people say, “size doesn’t matter”, they’re talking about the compact gaming powerhouse known as the Viotek GNV22CB. It produces an astonishing 144hz refresh rate with it’s 22 inch, Full HD expertly calibrated VA panel. The Viotek GNV22CB also delivers sharp, true-to-life colors, in a compact form-factor. This is ideal for anyone looking to maximize desk space and game-station real estate. Images pop with vivid detail. Games perform with liquid-smooth motion. Movies and video are flicker-free with zero-drop frames as well.

6. Samsung FT452 – Best Samsung

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best Samsung)

The Samsung FT452 is a compact IPS monitor that is perfect for office use, especially for somewhat smaller work areas. The 22 inch screen will still give you plenty of space to get all of your important work done. What’s surprising about this monitor is that it has a highly adjustable stand that can convert from horizontal to vertical. That advanced feature is usually found in more expensive monitors, which makes the Samsung FT452 even more of a great deal.

7. LG 22MK430H-B – Best LG

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best LG)

LG is another brand that has made itself a household name. Similar to HP, LG focuses on providing well-rounded monitors that are typically used for multi-purpose. The LG 22MK430H-B is a great example of that in a 22 inch form. It looks good in just about any house or office, and easily handles all of your day to day tasks.

8. ViewSonic VA2256 – Best ViewSonic

Best 22 inch Monitor
Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best ViewSonic)

If you are a graphic designer, photographer, video editor, or just someone who appreciates high quality visuals and color accuracy, you should take a serious look at the ViewSonic VA2256-MHD.

9. Dell E2220H – Best Dell

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best Dell)

Dell specializes usually more in the office/productivity space and the Dell E2220H embodies that. It has dark gray finish, good adjustability, and a very low price tag. Business professionals and anyone else that has work to be done will love the Dell E2220H.

10. KOORUI B09FP4H99P – Best Koorui

Best 22 inch Monitor 2022 (Best Koorui)

For the sake of multiple monitors to choose from we included the KOORUI B09FP4H99P. Even though you may not of heard of the KOORUI brand, this monitor is actually very good. It has nearly invisible bezels on 3 of it’s sides, a sleek/modern look, and one of the lowest prices available.

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