Samsung Odyssey G5 Review – May 2024

Samsung Odyssey G5 - Best Monitor Review
Samsung Odyssey G5 - Best Monitor Review

Samsung Odyssey G5 Review

Let’s dive right into what you’re looking for, which is the Samsung Odyssey G5 review.

Bottom Line


While the Samsung Odyssey G5’s 165Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology make it a gamer’s dream, its stunning 27-inch 1440p screen shines beyond the battlefield.

Samsung Odyssey G5: A Curved Gaming Monitor with Punch

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a curved gaming monitor vying for a spot on your desk with its aggressive price tag and enticing features like a 165Hz refresh rate and FreeSync Premium support. But is it all smooth sailing on the gaming highway, or are there bumps and potholes that could sour the experience? Buckle up, gamers, as we dive deep into the pros and cons of the Odyssey G5, examining its performance, design, and overall value proposition.

First Impressions: Sleek Curves and Competitive Specs

The Odyssey G5 boasts a sleek, modern design with a 1000R curvature that gently wraps around your field of view. The slim bezels minimize distractions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Build quality feels solid, with sturdy plastic construction that inspires confidence.

Under the hood, the G5 packs a punch with its 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. This translates to buttery-smooth visuals, particularly noticeable in fast-paced games like shooters and racers. Say goodbye to blurry motions and frustrating lag – the G5 keeps you locked in the action with razor-sharp clarity.

Gaming Performance: Smooth Sailing with a Few Clouds

The high refresh rate and FreeSync Premium support are the stars of the show when it comes to gaming performance. Compatible graphics cards can dynamically adjust the refresh rate to match the frame rate, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering for a seamless experience. Whether you’re dodging bullets in a warzone or zipping through neon-lit streets, the G5 delivers fluidity that enhances your gameplay.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The VA panel technology used in the G5, while offering decent contrast and vibrant colors, has its limitations. Black smearing and ghosting can be noticeable in fast-paced scenes, particularly with dark backgrounds. This might be a dealbreaker for competitive gamers who require pixel-perfect precision.

Additionally, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) experience is underwhelming. The peak brightness isn’t high enough to deliver truly impactful HDR visuals, and the limited color gamut restricts the wider range of tones HDR content is capable of displaying. HDR support feels more like a checkbox feature than a genuine enhancement.

Beyond Gaming: A Mixed Bag for Other Uses

While the G5 shines in gaming, its performance for other tasks is a mixed bag. The curved screen is excellent for immersive movie watching and multimedia consumption, but the VA panel’s viewing angles aren’t the best. Colors and contrast shift slightly when viewed from off-center, impacting the experience for collaborative work or sharing the screen.

For photo and video editing, the limited color gamut and lack of color calibration options might hold back professionals who demand precision. However, for casual users and content creators who can work around these limitations, the G5 still offers a decent canvas for everyday tasks.

Design and Ergonomics: A Stylish Curve with Room for Improvement

The curved design and slim bezels of the G5 are undoubtedly stylish, adding a modern touch to any setup. The stand offers tilt adjustment, allowing you to find a comfortable viewing angle, but unfortunately, it lacks swivel and height adjustments. This can be limiting, especially for users with ergonomic concerns.

The OSD (On-Screen Display) navigation is another area for improvement. The joystick control on the back of the monitor feels clunky and imprecise, making it frustrating to navigate through menus and settings. Consider using keyboard shortcuts whenever possible for a more efficient experience.

Value Proposition: A Budget-Friendly Contender with Caveats

The Samsung Odyssey G5 strikes a compelling balance between affordability and performance. The 165Hz refresh rate, FreeSync Premium support, and curved design offer significant value for the price, particularly for casual and competitive gamers on a budget.

However, the limitations of the VA panel, underwhelming HDR experience, and lack of ergonomic adjustability are important factors to consider. If you prioritize pixel-perfect precision, exceptional HDR performance, or need a monitor for professional creative work, you might want to look elsewhere.

In Conclusion: A Solid Choice with Trade-Offs

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a decent gaming monitor with impressive specs and a competitive price tag. It excels at delivering smooth visuals for fast-paced games thanks to its high refresh rate and FreeSync compatibility. However, the VA panel limitations, underwhelming HDR, and lack of ergonomic adjustability are noticeable trade-offs.

Ultimately, whether the G5 is the right choice for you depends on your priorities and budget. If you’re a casual or competitive gamer looking for a value-packed gaming beast.

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