ASUS VN279QL Review – May 2024

ASUS VN279QL Review - Best Monitor Review
ASUS VN279QL Review - Best Monitor Review

ASUS VN279QL Review: A 27-inch Delight for Budget-Conscious Creators and Gamers

In the realm of budget monitors, finding a 27-inch option that ticks all the boxes can feel like searching for El Dorado. Enter the ASUS VN279QL, a monitor that emerges from the dust with a surprising combination of affordability, functionality, and visual fidelity. Whether you’re a budding creative warrior crafting digital landscapes or a casual gamer seeking smooth visuals on a grand scale, the VN279QL might just be your affordable portal to digital nirvana.

Bottom Line


Forget one-dimensional monitors! The ASUS VN279QL shatters expectations with its budget-friendly price tag and exceptional adjustability.

First Impressions: Big Screen, Minimalist Flair

Gone are the days of clunky bezels hogging screen real estate. The VN279QL boasts a near-edgeless design, maximizing your visual immersion with its slim bezels. The sturdy stand offers tilt and swivel adjustments, ensuring you find the perfect viewing angle for conquering productivity or epic gaming sessions. While not the most premium build, it feels solid and reliable, ready to stand up to the daily grind.

Visually Speaking: A Feast for the Eyes (within reason)

The 27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS panel delivers surprisingly crisp and detailed visuals for everyday tasks. Text is sharp, images are vibrant, and movies and TV shows come alive on the expansive screen. While it won’t compete with high-end 4K or HDR monitors, for basic computing, creative work, and casual gaming, the VN279QL provides a satisfying visual experience.

Color Calibration: Hits the Mark, with a Slight Miss

The IPS panel technology translates to accurate and mostly vibrant colors, making the VN279QL a decent choice for casual photo editing or creative work. However, color-critical professionals might find the color accuracy, especially in the blues and greens, slightly lacking compared to pricier alternatives.

Performance that Punches Above its Price Tag

The VN279QL shines with its 75Hz refresh rate. This means the image refreshes 75 times per second, resulting in noticeably smoother visuals over the standard 60Hz monitors. Whether you’re scrolling through web pages, editing photos, or enjoying casual gaming, the 75Hz refresh rate delivers a noticeable fluidity that elevates the overall experience. While hardcore gamers might crave higher refresh rates for competitive play, the VN279QL performs admirably for casual adventurers.

Hidden Gems: Features that Add Sparkle

Beyond the core specs, the VN279QL boasts some hidden gems that enhance its value. Built-in speakers, while not audiophile-grade, offer decent sound for watching videos or casual listening. For audiophiles and serious gamers, the headphone jack provides a private listening option.

Furthermore, the VN279QL offers VESA mount compatibility, allowing you to mount it on a wall or monitor arm for increased flexibility and desk space savings. This feature often goes missing in budget monitors, making the VN279QL a standout option for those who value customization.

The Verdict: A Value Champion for Budget-Conscious Creators and Gamers

The ASUS VN279QL is not just a budget monitor; it’s a testament to the fact that affordability doesn’t have to compromise on screen size, features, or basic visual quality. With its expansive 27-inch display, mostly accurate colors, smooth 75Hz refresh rate, and surprising extras like built-in speakers and VESA mount compatibility, the VN279QL offers fantastic value for its price tag.

Who Should Get It?

  • Budget-conscious creative professionals seeking a large display for editing photos, illustrations, or basic graphic design.
  • Casual gamers looking for a smooth and immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank.
  • Home office workers or students who value a large, clear screen for multitasking and document work.

Who Might Want to Look Elsewhere?

  • Creative professionals needing precise color accuracy for critical work.
  • Hardcore gamers demanding high refresh rates for competitive play.
  • Users who require extensive connectivity options beyond HDMI and VGA.

Overall, the ASUS VN279QL is a compelling choice for anyone who prioritizes value, visual immersion, and smooth performance without breaking the bank. Its large screen size, decent color accuracy, 75Hz refresh rate, and surprising features make it a versatile option for creators, casual gamers, and home office warriors alike. So, if you’re on the hunt for a budget 27-inch monitor that delivers real bang for your buck, the ASUS VN279QL deserves a serious look.

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